Essex Occupational Health Ltd provides a wide range of Occupational Health services to Local and National organisations:

Work related health conditions and injuries are common for busy companies and employers are often uncertain of how to handle these grievances. If you find yourself in this situation, one in which you would like a thorough and effective service in dealing with work related injuries, then Essex Occupational Health Ltd is the answer. We will take care of these situations efficiently by providing occupational health advice and recommendations. We can e-mail, write or even speak directly to you via telephone so you are always confident that you are in safe, helping hands. We will work with the management, HR team and the Safety Engineer if one is available.

We will assess an employees health, work related issues and any functional impairment but we will also focus on employees remaining abilities . This may involve advising on job adjustments/ specific rehabilitation programmes, ergonomic improvements, and for more complex work related health issues, case management meetings. “Rather than simply providing you with a specialist report, we will work with you to getting your employees back to work as quickly as possible“.

Our Approach

  • Sharing important information with the HR/line management ensures that they are always up to date on employees’ functional impairment.
  • Choosing a tailor made rehabilitation programme for individual employees. For example involving experts in psychotherapy, physiotherapy, and other specialist services.
  • Determining the causes of the employees’ illnesses. Communicating with employees, specialists and General Practitioners to ascertain the severity and prognosis of a health condition will be a part of this process.